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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Project Matryoshka"

>> Thanks to this very long winter, I'm starting to feel deficit of light and colors.
I really wish my home would be all in white. Because, at this moment I feel like I live in a dark cave.
And as they say: You have to start with something. Right? :)

>> So I found in my "stuff closet" a old Matryoshka* nesting doll and The Idea of "Project Matryoshka" was born.
(* A small clarification: Matryoshka is NOT national souvenir from Latvia. It is from Russia.)

>> Anyway.. Back to project. :)
So I decided to paint this doll all in white. You might ask me: Why??
Well... Why not? :))

Step ONE:
You need a doll and a white paint. 

Step TWO:
You need a nerdy glasses to look serious! :) 

Step THREE: 
You need a rubber gloves. Because we don't want to get dirty. 

Step FOUR: 
Get Started. Paint it white, Baby! :)) 

Only this Little Lady will stay in color. She is so Cute.

And... This is result so far. I haven't decided yet, will she stay all in pure white or I will add some colorful accents. I kind a like them clean white. 

This is NOT a final picture. So Stay tuned. When all the layers of paint will be dried, I will make a beautiful Family portrait. :) 

BTW: Thank you, Janis from FiligreePhotos.etsy.com for taking these cool pictures for me! :) 


  1. Oh sounds like you're truly longing for light and sun!!! I think you need a nice little trip to the Greek Islands ;)! Lovely project, Sole!

  2. oooh :D LOL i llove the first and second pictures, in the first you look like a child, on the second you've the funniest expression ever XDDDDD
    and as said already, love the snow white matrioskas :DDD

  3. :0)
    Remind me when step two is posted!

  4. @Annuk.
    Yeahhhh... This is one of my biggest Dreams to see ALL (And I really mean ALL) beautiful Greek Islands. Ahhhh..

    Yepp, that's me. Very Serious! :D :D

    :)) Will do that!

  5. then what did you do with them? left them white? :)


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