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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday - Two Good news!

This Day came with 2 good Things.

Finely the snow is here. Lots and lots of  thick, white Snow.
I know one person who will be very happy about this. :) It is Līga from FiligreeCreations. She LOVES snow.
Me? Not so much. But it is Beautiful though...

Postman likes me. :) He brought me a package. It's  from my beloved Greece.
Package from Wonderful Girl Maria (a.k.a. HeartshapedCreations)

My 3 new Christmas Friends has arrived! :) Woohooo!
I slowly open 2 Cute Boxes and...

... and there is a SURPRISE! I have 4 New Friends not 3.
A Teddy with a big Heart has arrived too.
Meet my Gang. From Left ---> Penguin, Teddy 1, Teddy 2 and Piglet.
It is a noisy and happy company but I don't complain. I LOVE them.
I believe my Christmas tree will be very Happy to.
Thank you Maria Magic Maker!! :) xoxox


  1. They are so cute...I really love Maria's creation;)

  2. Whaaaaaah my little Xmas gang looks so cosy and happy in their new home! :DD THANK YOU for everything dear!!!

    Sending many-many hugs over your way!!!

    Maria - HeartshapedCreations

  3. lol.. *blush* of course I'm happy for snow! But not absolutely yet...because there's not enough of it... should be a bit more :))))))))

    Congrats with your 4 new cute friends! :D

  4. Sooo cute!!! I think your Christmas tree will look great! ;)

  5. Thank you, Lovelies! xox
    I am so happy to get them. :))

    @Līga. Don't worry.. There will be a lot more of Snow. Believe me! ;)

  6. Awwwwww sooooo cute!!!!!!! I LOVE Maria's sweet little creatures, how beautiful to have them with you! She's such a sweet friend besides a wonderful artist!
    And you said "my beloved Greece"... it's been a happy day for me too... have a look at my blog (I'm an official member of the Etsy Greek Street Team!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!) :)))))

  7. wonderful beauties:) how lucky you are:)

  8. OMG these are so cute! You are a lucky lady, Sole!

  9. Maria make such adorable sweeties, assured to brighten up the darkest of days :)


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