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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horay, to Secret Santa :))

Hip hip Hooray! :)
Yesterday I received my package from Secret Santa.
And I was so happy to find out that my Swap Santa is Jana from Helmitarha. :))
How Awesome is that? 

Her Creations are just Gorgeous and I was so excited to open this beautiful box.
First I saw a Wonderful Christmas decor and then the other treasures! :)

Isn't that AMAZING?  I am totally in Love!  (And my Mom is jealous... He he hee... )
I feel so Lucky to have such a Beautiful work of Art! 
Thank you so, so much, Jana! :) You are The Best!

BTW: Don't forget to visit Janas Blog too. Stories of the Secret Garden


  1. I am green with envie here!!!!! I hate it!!! These items are just too beautiful! You are such a lucky girl Solvita! The pictures are awesome and yes, make me even more jealous. WHAT a set for the Christmas festivities.
    I am jealous, but also very very happy for you. Jana is a true artist and a wonderful person. Jana, your work is amazing! Enjoy, Solvita, enjoy ..............

  2. I feel really, really Lucky! :))
    Thank you, Nancy! xox

  3. Ohhh so beautiful!!!! :))))
    It is such a great idea about secret swap! :D

  4. Yaaay! Sole received it and Sole is happy! And I'm also very-very happy, because I love giving gifts and nothing feels better, when amazing people really enjoy my creations.
    Big hugs to you, my dear!!! Enjoy your jewelry!
    And thank you for this sweet blog post!

  5. What a super nice gift!! Looks stunning!

  6. Wow! Congrats Sole! These are gorgeous, Jana is really talented!


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