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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy, busy, bysy! :)

So many Nice things has happened lately, and I had no time to write something. :)
Here is my Happy Statistics:

1) My Babies were on Etsy Front Page ... TWICE!!... in 4 days! (((AWESOME, Yayyyy!! )))
2) I had a SALE. My white and romantic badges "Conservating Memories" has found New Love! :)
They are going to my Beloved Italy to this Amazing Girl and Etsy Crafter Ethereal Flowers

3) Lovely Eva from WaterLilyJewels (Etsy Promo Love Team) has mentioned my work in her blog!
I am so Happy about that. Who wouldn't?
Every Thursday on her Blog, she makes a List of Treasure.

She says: 
" I am going to try and make a list of Etsy Treasures every Thursday! This is a list of items that I find to be not only well made and beautiful, but very reasonably priced. If nothing else, consider this a good shopping guide."

Isn't that a AWESOME idea? Please visit Her Shop and Blog (Water Lily Antique, Vintage, and Designer Jewelry), it is worth to see.  

My Favorite from  Her shop is this Blue Vintage Wonder


  1. Awww, thank you for adding my ring as well, that was sweet of you! Hope my blog features brings you some magical sales!

  2. :*** your babies will be in good company here! and i will treat them so well :))) looking forward to meet them!!

    much love XXX

  3. Another one made it to the FP today! Well Done!!


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