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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mothers Day

This was my fantastic Mothers day!
Me, my girlfriend and our Mums was in a short trip to sea side.
Day was amazing. The coast was empty, no one around. Only we, sand, sea, gulls and wind. And here is some pics:
Yes, this is me :)

Mothers and Daughters

Me: searching for Sea glass.

And who is that girl? ;)

We can build towers to:

Lunch, it is very important!! :D

And this is my Mini Magical Sea find.


  1. You LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! Such nice pictures, also of the stones, the mother and daughters, your finds at the beach! thanks for sharing dear! Nancy x

  2. You must have had a lovely day! And what a find!

  3. You are a sweetie pie! :) What a lovely day to share with us, thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that great day with us!

  5. Wonderful pictures!!! You all look great! :)

  6. What a lovely day you had! You look so sweet :)

  7. So lovely report! And great Idea to spend this day with your mother! My mother is too far :) Nice to see your smily face as well! Have a nice day and thank you for sharing!


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